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Opera Late Brunch



Every day at 11 am is brunch at El Café de la Ópera and, for those who don’t want to give up this complete delicacy, it is extended from 1 pm with a main course of your choice.

Waking up late and enjoying breakfast, which can almost be confused with lunch, is one of the greatest pleasures. That’s why El Café de la Ópera (c/ Arrieta, 6) presents its new version of brunch: the Ópera Late Brunch. A much more complete brunch, served on a tray -just like the original version-, with a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes along with a dish of your choice.

The Ópera Late Brunch is available from 1pm, every day, and includes a coffee or infusion and natural juice of your choice. As if it were breakfast in bed, the tray includes a basket of assorted mini pastries -with snails, napolitanas, chocolate palms and croissants-, and another of rye bread and seeded bread with butter and jam to spread as you like. All accompanied by fruit kebabs, Greek yoghurt with muesli, Iberian ham, roast turkey, gouda cheese with walnuts, mini crudités with blue cheese sauce and smoked salmon. Not forgetting the homemade ham croquettes and grilled avocado.

But there’s more, because the more stubborn will have the option of choosing a main course, where truffled eggs benedict is a must. Burger lovers will have the Ópera Burger with fries or the Ópera Green Burger among the main courses. And for those who opt for a healthier option, the tuna tataki on yellow chilli cream and the artichokes confit with a touch of black salt will be your best option.

Ópera Brunch: 28 €, person 
Every day, at 11 a.m. (with the obligation to leave the table by 1.30 p.m.).

Ópera Late Brunch: 37 €, person (IVA incluido).
Every day, starts at 1 pm.